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Document sign-off

Role Name Sign-off date
PM Patricia San Juan
Development David

Development Eduardo Argal

Document Status

Date Author or editor Description of change Document status Document version
July 19th, 2010 Patricia San Juan Document creation Draft v1

Overview & Justification


The purpose of this document is to describe the functional specifications for a new Spanish default master data set required in order to improve Openbravo implementation in Spain.

These new master data set is going to be developed and delivered as a new extension modules which will be part of the Spanish Professional Localization Pack version 1.0, compatible with the new Advanced Payables & Receivables management module.


In Scope:

This new default data set must be developed as a data set extended module which will contain below data: Most common “Spanish Payment Methods” List.


The main purpose of this development is to facilitate Spanish Openbravo implementations so basic and most common Spanish data can be easily updated in the system.

New definitions and acronyms:

This section should provide a listing of new terms and their definition that are being introduced by this specification.

BP = Business Partner

Users & business process description

User goals

User goals of this feature is to allow the end user to select one of the most common Spanish Payment Methods from a provided list, while entering in the system:

And also while selecting the "Payment Methods" allowed in a given Financial Account, by navigating to the application path: "Financial Management / Receivables & Payables / Transactions / Financial Account - Payment Method tab".

User Roles and Personas

The following roles are involved:

Sales staff (Mike): Mike is an employee part of the sales staff. He will be the one entering sales transactions as appropriate as well as entering Customer BP in the system.

Purchase staff (Alice): Alice is an employee part of the purchase staff. She will be the one entering purchase transactions as appropriate, as well as entering Vendor/Creditor BP in the system.

Business process diagram


Business scenario/s


Functional requirements

Requirement 1 - Payment Methods

There is no an existing list of “Payment Methods” in Advance Payables and Receivable Management module, therefore below Payment Methods needs to be provided as a data set extension module for Spain.

“Payment Method” New “Payment Method” in Spanish
Cash Al contado
Recibo domiciliado Recibo domiciliado
Receipt Recibo
Wire Transfer Transferencia
Accepted bill of exchange Letra Aceptada
Documentary credit Crédito Documentario
Contract award Contrato Adjudicación
Bill of exchange Letra de cambio
Transferable promissory note Pagaré a la orden
Non transferable promissory note Pagaré No a la orden
Check Cheque
Open account reimbursement Reposición
Special payment method Especiales
Set-off by reciprocal credits Compensación
Payment by postgiro Giro postal
Certified cheque Cheque conformado
Banker’s draft Cheque bancario
Cash on delivery Pago contra reembolso
Credit Card Pago mediante tarjeta

It is important to highlight that all of the Payment Methods listed above are setup as shown in the image below by default.

Please note that a further end-user configuration will be required in order to get the required posting, at the time of adding any of those payment methods in the corresponding financial account.

For additional information please review: Payment Method wiki documentation.

SPLP MetodosdePago.png

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