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Projects:Performance/Skip 2.50 Windows



The aim of this project is to reduce time taken in building the application by skipping 2.50 window generation.

So far, all windows in the application are built in 2.50 mode (using WAD) so they can be opened in 3.0 and 2.50 style. Opening in 2.50 is done exceptionally but takes good portion of the build time.

Documentation for developers can be found here.


Do not build 2.50 windows unless they are needed because:

All these preventions can be avoided to generate all windows in 2.50 by calling build process with an extra parameter: wad.generateAllClassic250Windows=true


Here are some metrics taken for the whole build (ant compile.complete) of the same system keeping and skipping 2.50 windows as reference to measure the improvement.

Measure Keeping 2.50 Skipping 2.50 Improvement
Total Build time compile.complete 5m 27s 2m 3s 62%
wad subtask 208s 39s 81%
buildAD 11.8 2.9 75%
Generated tabs 525 79 85%
Files generated in srcAD 5121 430 92%
Code generated in srcAD 114MB 9.2MB 92%
web.xml 855KB 259KB 70%

Known issues

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