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Process Definition Reports - Functional Specs


The objective of this project is to improve the basic reporting functionality existing in Openbravo.


Current reporting implementation is based on 2.50 technology and it often requires the manual coding of the filter windows. Withing this project is intended to enhance the Process Definition capabilities to be able to build easily complex filter parameters and print the reports using Jasper Report templates.


The scope of the project is to be able to print a PDF or XLS using Jasper Report templates using Process Definition without the need to develop any code but the templates.

Functional Requirements

Business Process definition

  1. New UI Pattern in Process Definition for reports based on JR Templates.
  2. New Tab to define the Report templates
    1. It should be possible to use the same template for PDF and XLS
    2. Only show Export to PDF or Export to XLS buttons when a template for those formats is defined.

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