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Projects:Product Attributes revision/Functional Specification


Product Attributes revision - Functional Specifications


The purpose of this project is to review the product attributes to enhance its functionality and its usability.


This project covers different feature request that has been demanded for a long time and that are grouped in the 4149: Product attributes revision feature request. This includes a better visibility of when it is being edited an existing attribute or when is being created a new one, the ability to have mandatory attributes and some other features.


The attributes are used in all the modules so this project might affect all the ERP.


Design Considerations




It is recommended to minimize the impact on the application trying to keep the actual output of the attribute set instance and restricting the changes to the generation and maintenance of this attribute set instance.


Functional Requirements

User roles & profiles

The attributes are used by any user that is involved with the products, that makes almost all the users of the application.

Warehouse workers
Typically these users do not have a high level of professional education and might not be computer literate. They tend however to spend a number of years with the same employer and after hiring they go through a few days of training to learn the processes within the warehouse. These users, therefore, need to be able to learn how to use the product in a few hours. These users need to be able to select easily the correspondent attributes.
Generic employee
These are users that work for the organization implementing Openbravo in a variety of roles and that are involved in a given business process on an occasional basis. Because of the infrequent nature of their involvement in the process, their primary concern is ease of use, defined as the ability to perform a new task without having to read any documentation.
Purchase managers
Typically these users have a high level of professional education, are computer literate and receive training in the product and business process. These users perform purchase orders from the requisitions, they have to select the correspondent vendor taking into account the different variables that can take part in the decision: price, discounts, availability,...
Sale managers
Typically these users have a high level of professional education, are computer literate and receive training in the product and business process. These users perform sale orders, they have to create the correspondent orders taking into account the different variables that can take part in the decision: price, discounts, availability,...

Business process definition

  1. Create new attribute set instances.
  2. Select a product with its correspondent attribute set instance.
  3. Change the attribute set instance of a selected product.
  4. Edit an existing attribute set instance.

User stories

Story 1

Story 2

Story 3

Option A

Option B

Functional requirements based on business processes

  1. Massive attribute entry: Manual window to insert attributes massively to the lines of the selected document (shipment, receipt, production run,...)
  2. Redesign of the attribute creation and edition.
  3. New attribute selector for outgoing transactions.
Massive attribute entry

This window is defined in the Inherit Attributes and Split Serial No project.

Redesign of attribute creation and edition
Num Requirement Importance Status
2.1 Messages to the user to clarify when a new attribute set instance has been created or if it has been used an existing one. Must have not started
2.2 Show in the popup window when an existing attribute set instance is being edited. Must have not started
2.3 Ability to create partial attribute set instances with null attribute values that will be filled later. Must have not started
2.4 Ability to set mandatory attributes that are required when the material transaction (shipment, production, material movement,...) is processed. Must have not started
2.5 Ability to set mandatory attributes that are required in the purchase and sales orders. Must have not started
2.6 Ability to set an attribute that has to be broken in several lines each of 1 unit quantity on material transaction windows. Serial number attribute has this ability implied. Must have not started
New attribute selector
Num Requirement Importance Status
3.1 Each attribute of the attribute set has a combo box. For instance attributes shows existing values with stock. Must have not started
3.2 The selector can not create a new instance of instance attribute sets. Must have not started
3.3 Show the available, on hand and reserved stock of the selected attributes values. Nice to have not started

User Interface Mockups

Mass attribute entry for option A of Story 3
View larger
In the filter section is selected the transaction type (goods receipts) and the corresponding transaction. Presing the search button appears all the lines of the selected transaction.

In the middle section there are all the lines grouped by product. For each product it is necessary to select the attribute that it is desired to set. If a default value is defined all the lines are filled with that value, in the case of Serial Number it is possible to set an increment, in that case the default value is used as initial value and the rest of lines are calculated with the increment number. When all the attributes have been filled it is possible to process it and all the attribute set instances are generated and set to the lines.

Attribute edition popup for option B of Story 3
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When it is opened the attribute edition popup to create or complete a new attribute instance of an attribute set that has attributes that can be splited it appears the split button on the bottom of the page. There is also an info box listing the attributes that has the split option and the number of lines that will be generated.
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When it is split attribute set the automatic option appears selected and we can enter the first serial number and the increment.
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When is changed to the manual option we can enter manually all the necessary values.

Technical Requirements

Non-Functional Requirements

Open Discussion Items

Closed Discussion Items

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