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Projects:Product Catalogs/Functional Specification


Product catalogs


The purpose of this project is to implement a feature that allows users to create, design and manage a catalog of products:


Functional Requirements

Business process definition

  1. Catalog window
    1. Description of the catalog
    2. Mark the flag catalog that means is not a product characteristic but a catalog
    3. Print notes is used if the catalog is going to be printed and you want to print an explanation
    4. Button Manage Catalog to add nodes, edit nodes, add products. This will open a pop-up
    5. User can also create the catalog from scratch entering the nodes one by one in the value tab
    6. User can also adds products to an specific node (lest level - Not summary level) pressing the button Add Products
  1. Manage Catalog popup
    1. It has two columns
    2. First column has a combo box where the user selects the origin catalog. After selecting a value it displays the catalog with all its nodes and products
    3. If the origin catalog is the same as the current catalog you cannot drag&drop
    4. Second column (current catalog) shows the catalogs that needs to be changed
    5. User can drag&drop any node or product from first column to second column, that is, from origin catalog to current catalog. When copying a node all its products are also copied
    6. User can edit the name of the nodes, delete nodes, delete product or add product through a contextual name in the second column
    7. Filter by Products not present in any catalog. It will retrieve all this products and the user will be able to drag&drop to the catalog


Catalog 1.PNG

Catalog 2.PNG

Catalog 3.PNG

Catalog 4.PNG

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