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Projects:Product Catalogs/User Guide



The purpose of this project is to implement a feature that allows users to create, design and manage a catalog of products:


The window Catalog allows you to create a catalog. This window can be found in Master Data Management || Product Setup || Catalog


This tab has several fields:

As all standard windows in order to create the header you need to press New button. This is the first step to start creating a catalog


Value tab

This tab allows you to enter nodes and products manually. There is a more agile way to enter nodes and product. Read section Button Manage Catalog . Fields are:


Button Manage Catalog

This button allows users to perform several actions using a friendly user interface increasing productivity and effectiveness

Create a catalog from scratch

See the image to follow the numbers:

  1. Once the header has been created, press the button. A popup gets opened
  2. Click right button of the mouse and then a contextual menu gets opened. Add new catalog node option is shown
  3. Select the option and enter the name of the node
  4. Once the newly node is in place click right button again and select the option Add Products. This will open a product selector where you can select as many product as you want to add
  5. Repeat these operations as many times as you consider to create the catalog

CAT 1.png

Create a catalog from an existing one

  1. Open the Manage catalog button
  2. There is a combo box where displays all different catalogues that exist
  3. Pick one and it will show all the nodes and products of that catalog
  4. The right side of the popup shows the catalog that needs to be created
  5. Through drag&drop is possible to copy nodes and products from the existing catalog to the new one
    1. Can either drag&drop a node and therefore all what it contains
    2. Or drag&drop a product

Products that are not present in any catalog

Users can also categorize products that are not present in any catalog in an easy way

  1. Open the Manage catalog button
  2. There is a combo box where displays all different catalogues but also an option named Products not present in any catalog
  3. Select that option. It will show all products
  4. Through drag&drop is possible to copy products from the list to the catalog


Reorder nodes and products inside a catalog

Users can reorder nodes, that is, changing the position within the catalog or moving products from one node to another just dragging and dropping them


Actions allowed for nodes

Clicking the right button of the mouse these are the actions that can be performed:

  1. Delete: Deletes the node, all the nodes that might contain and finally all the products that its nodes contain
  2. Edit name: Edits the name of the node
  3. Edit code: Edits the code of the node
  4. Add new catalog node: Add new nodes


Actions allowed for products

Clicking the right button of the mouse this is the action that can be performed:

  1. Delete: Removes the product from the catalog


Button Copy Categorization

This button is present in Product window. It allows to add the same categorization, that is, the same node within a catalog that other product has. To do so:

  1. Click button Copy Categorization
  2. It opens a popup with a combo box where shows all products present in at least one catalog
  3. Select the product and then click Done. The result of this action is that this product will be in the same catalogs that the selected product

Unlist Products

This process allows to remove the catalog where the products were assigned to. To do so:

  1. Go to Unlist Products process that is in Product Setup menu folder
  2. Open the product selector and select all products you want to unlist
  3. Click Ok and press the button Done

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