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Projects:Product Characteristic Search High Volume



The goal of this project is to enable the WebPOS client brand and product characteristic search to work also in an environment with a high volume of products, product characteristics values and brands.

ProductCharacteristicSearch HighVolume.png

Openbravo supports high volume master data set using remote data functionality. In this approach product and other high volume master data is not loaded in the client. Also product characteristics values of products are then not loadable in the client due to the high volume of data.

This project aims to solve this by supporting remote product characteristic values and loading them on-demand when the user clicks on the product characteristic options.

Remote product characteristics should be enabled by the same preference which controls remote product data, see here.


The main functionalities to be supported by this project in remote state:

The functionality can assume that product characteristics and their values can be loaded in the WebPOS client, i.e. that their volume does not exceed several thousands records. Only the values by product are not to be loaded in the WebPOS client and are loaded on demand.


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