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Projects:Project Evolution Report/Functional Specification


Project Progress Report - Functional Specifications



Project Progress Report project aims to add a project time reporting tool to Openbravo ERP. The project information to display in this report would be:

In the project filter window, the following fields would be required:


This project will only require to create 4 new files, no existing functionality of Openbravo ERP will be modified.

Design Considerations


This project depends on Project Scheduling Capabilities Enhancement project.

Functional Requirements

User roles & profiles

Project Managers
Apart from detailed financial reports on project's incomes and expenses, project managers need also to have a clear vision, at a glance, of the progress of the projects they are responsible for.

Business process definition


  1. Launch a new project with phases and tasks.
  2. Register ending dates of phases and tasks when they are completed.

Project Progress Report:

  1. Report the progress of the on-going projects.

User stories

Louise, the Chief Consulting Officer at a consulting service company, wants to track the management activity of the new project's responsible, Mark. Mark has been recording his activity within Openbravo ERP so Louise just have to report the progress of the projects Mark is responsible for.

Functional requirements based on business processes

To achieve the desired functionalities the following elements need to be added.

Num Requirement Importance Status
1.1 An HTML filter window with the following filters:
  • 'Reference date' date field (today by default - mandatory)
  • 'Older Phases and Tasks first' check box (checked by default)
  • 'From/To project starting date' date fields
  • 'From/To project contract date' date fields
  • 'From/To project ending date' date fields
  • 'Project' selector
  • 'Business partner' selector
  • 'Person in charge' drop-down list
  • 'Project status' multiple selector
Must have Complete
1.2 Buttons to display the report both in HTML and PDF format. Must have Complete

Num Requirement Importance Status
2.1 The report must show:
  • Description
  • Comments or Help/Comment
  • Business Partner
  • Person in Charge
  • Starting date (SD)
  • Contract date (CD)
  • Contract duration (CDU): CDU = CD - SD
  • Project status (at a project level)
  • Completed (at a phase and task level - Yes/No)
  • Ending date (ED)
  • Days elapsed (DE) from the Starting date of the project to the Reference date: DE = RD - SD
  • Time burned (TB) in % calculated as the quotient of the difference between the Reference date and the Starting date and the difference between the Contract date of the project and its Starting date: TB = ((RD-SD)/(CD-SD))*100 or TB = (DE/CDU)*100
  • Completion percentage of a project in % as the number of the completed tasks and phases relative to the total number of tasks and phases of the project. If all phases and tasks have starting and contact dates set correctly, longer ones will have more weight than shorter ones.
  • Days delayed (DD) as the difference between the Ending date and the Contract date: DD = ED-CD
  • Cumulative days delayed (CDD) of a project as the accumulated days delayed from the first to the last task or phase.
Must have Complete

User Interface Mockups

Project Progress Report filter window


Project Progress Report


Technical Requirements

Application Dictionary elements as well as all type of files involved in Model - View - Controller (MVC) stucture (*.html, *.xml, *.java and *.xsql files) will have to be created. Besides, a Jasper report (*.jrxml file) will also be created.

Open Discussion Items

Closed Discussion Items

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