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Projects:Project Type Project Category Enhancements/Functional Specification


Project Type Project Category Enhancements - Functional Specifications



Project Type Project Category Enhancements project aims to review and improve the usage of Project Type and Project Category elements within Project & Service Management module.


The following elements will be part of this project:

Design Considerations


This project assumes that Project & Service Management module is working correctly. If this is not the case, see the Constraints section.


A bug in Project & Service Management module could stop this project. The procedure in this case will be:

  1. Report the bug in Openbravo's issues tracker.
  2. Correct the bug in the development trunk, not in the project branch.
  3. Merge the trunk (that will include the bug fix) to the project branch.

Functional Requirements

User roles & profiles

Project Managers
A project manager needs to launch some new service projects that will all require the same products. For this purpose, he creates a new project type with standard lines, i.e., standard products. Then, he creates a new service project and sets to it the new project type created. This way, all the standard products with their standard quantities are copied into. Then, he will report these new projects by filtering by their project type or project category.

Business process definition

Project Type:

  1. Create a new project type (Project & Service Management || Setup || Project Type).
  2. Set standard lines, with standard products and quantities.

Service Project:

  1. Create a new service project (Project & Service Management || Transactions || Service Project)
  2. Set the previously created project type (Set Project Type button).

Project Profitability report:

  1. Report the profitability of the projects with the same project type or project category.

User stories

John, the project manager of a service company, needs to launch three new projects next week, all requiring the same products and quantities. For this purpose, he defines a new project type called Repetitive Service with its standard lines, i.e., standard products and quantities. After that, he creates three new service projects and easily fill them by setting their project type equals to Repetitive Service. Once the projects are on-going, he reports their profitability by setting Project Type filter to Repetitive Service value.

Functional requirements based on business processes

To achieve the desired functionalities the following elements needs to be added.

Num Requirement Importance Status
1.1 Project Category drop-down list inside Project & Service Management >> Setup >> Project Type window must include new values. Must have Not started

Num Requirement Importance Status
2.1 Create a new table called C_LINE with the following columns:
  • AD_CLIENT_ID (mandatory)
  • AD_ORG_ID (mandatory)
  • C_LINE_ID (mandatory)
  • C_PROJECTTYPE_ID (mandatory)
  • ISACTIVE (mandatory)
  • CREATED (mandatory)
  • CREATEDBY (mandatory)
  • UPDATED (mandatory)
  • UPDATEDBY (mandatory)
  • LINENO (mandatory)
  • PRODUCT (mandatory)
  • STANDARDQTY (mandatory)
Must have Not started
2.2 Project Type window will include a new tab called Standard Line with the following fields:
  • Client (mandatory and read-only)
  • Organization (mandatory and read-only)
  • Project Type (mandatory and read-only)
  • Line No. (mandatory)
  • Active
  • Product (mandatory)
  • Standard Quantity (mandatory)
  • Description
Must have Not started

Num Requirement Importance Status
3.1 Modify ProjectSetType (ad_actionButton/ProjectSetType) process to work also with new project types for Service Projects. Must have Not started

Num Requirement Importance Status
4.1 Service Project window (Project & Service Management >> Transactions >> Service Project) must include:
  • Set Project Type button.
  • Read-only Project Type field.
Must have Not started
4.2 Add a read-only field called Standard Line inside Project Line tab (Project & Service Management >> Transactions >> Service Project >> Service Project >> Project Line) to track if the current line comes from a standard line or not. Must have Not started

Num Requirement Importance Status
5.1 Analysis Tools (reports) within Project & Service Management module need to include Project Type and Project Category filter fields:
  • Project Progress
  • Project Profitability
  • Service Project Report
  • Expense Report
Must have Not started

User Interface Mockups

Project Category drop-down list


Project Type window


Standard Line tab


Service Project window


Project Line tab


Project Profitability report


Technical Requirements

Application Dictionary elements as well as all type of files involved in Model - View - Controller (MVC) stucture (*.html, *.xml, *.java and *.xsql files) will have to be modified.

Open Discussion Items

Closed Discussion Items

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