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Projects:QueryList Widget/Technical Specs


Query / List Widget - Technical Documentation


The Query / List widget project will require developments using DAL, js (mainly smartclient) and database. This project will provide a new module that will include this widget superclass. It will also require a new version of the MyOpenbravo module to create the concept of Widget Superclass.

The modifications on external modules like MyOpenbravo are described on the External modules document.

This documentation is structured following an incremental deliverables logic. Some of these deliverables will require to have done some developments described on the External Modules document.

Application Dictionary artifacts

Three new tabs/tables will be defined to be added to the widget class window.

Id Requirement Status
1.1 New OBCQL_Widget_Query table:
  • HQLCode field. Text field, up to 4000 characters or blob?
1.2 New OBCQL_Query_Column table:
  • DisplayExpression text field, up to 255 characters?
  • LinkExpression text field, up to 255 characters?
  • Name text field, up to 60 characters
  • Help, Description? text fields.
  • SummarizeType list field (Sum, Average, Count values)
  • SummarizeLabel text field up to 60 characters
  • ColumnWidth integer field.
  • include_in list field (W, M, E values) (it might be a list, see open topics)
  • SeqNo integer.
  • others
1.3 New OBCQL_Query_Column_Trl table:
  • Name field.
  • Language
  • IsTranslated

Widget view

Id Requirement Status
1 Develop an empty widget Done
2 Add an smartclient grid only columns, without data. Done
3 Ability to reload the grid Done
4 Fill the grid with data Done
5 Add links Done
6 Add translations for column headers Done
7 Add widget parameters to the query Done
8 Add session parameters to the query. Done
9 Implement summarized columns on an extra row of the grid. Done
10 Implement optional filter parameters. Not done
11 Add styling Done

Export capability

Id Requirement Status
1 Add option to export the data Done
2 Export to a csv file Done

Maximized view

Id Requirement Status
1 Add the maximize option on the layout menu. Done
2 Add a View all... link on the widget bottom. Done
3 Open a new Tab with the Query/List widget. Done
4 Modify grid Done

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