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Projects:RFIDIntegration WebPOS/User Guide


RFID Integration User Guide


This project basically allows a POS user to scan products through an RFID reader.


This project requires a minimum configuration. Half of it is on the backoffice and the rest is on Hardware Manager's side.

Openbravo Configuration

There are 3 configuration fields in the backoffice related with this project. All of them are in the header tab of "POS Terminal Type" Window.


Also, in order to use the reader, the hardware url has to be set according with this guide.

Hardware Manager Configuration

Two new lines have been added to

## RFID ##
#machine.rfid = embipos:COM1,3,500,255,0,0,300,1,1
machine.rfid = screen:,3

By default the screen device is the one enabled, but if an EmbiPOS device wants to be used you can comment this line and uncomment the previous one.

The line machine.rfid accepts 10 parameters:

  1. Device: Name of the device.
  2. Port: Name of the port in which the device is connected.
  3. Hardware Manager's Buffer Size: The number of tickets that tags will be stored in the Hardware Manager's Buffer, before getting removed Default: 3.
  4. Read Power: Default: 500.
  5. Q-Factor: Default: 255.
  6. Session: Default: 0.
  7. Miller Code: Default: 0.
  8. Reading Cicle: Default: 300.
  9. Channel: Default 1.
  10. Antenna: No Default.

If the screen device is enabled, only the Hardware Manager's Buffer Size is needed.


A new preference has been created:

POS Workflows

Add Product

With everything configured properly products can be added to the ticket using the reader. To do so, one just need to bring closer an RFID tag to the reader and it will beep.

Also while standing in Return this receipt products can be added. In this case they will be added with negative quantity as it proceeds.

Under some circumstances the reader can beep but the product will not be added. If that happens it means that the tag is either in Hardware Manager's buffer, or in the current ticket.

Also if the reader does not beep it means that the tag is already in the reader's buffer.

All buffers will be cleaned each time Web POS gets refreshed.

Remove Product

Each time a line which has been added to the ticket using an RFID reader is removed it will also be removed from the Hardware Manager's buffer and theoretically from the device's buffer (this has not been possible for EmbiPOS due to its API)

This affects to:

Disable/Enable RFID Reader

Any user of a terminal with Use RFID and Web POS action Disable / Enable RFID Reader can disable and enable the RFID reader through a new button placed in the main menu.

This will also be reflect in a new icon next to the SCAN label in the main toolbar. This icon has 3 states:


Hardware Manager Workflows


Once configured properly, the hardware manager itself can be used as an RFID reader through its graphical interface.

Basically there are two options:


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