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Projects:Raise support to JDK11/Specs


Functional Requirements


The minimum Java version to compile Openbravo is Java 8, dissallowing to compile any code that uses new functionality added in Java 9, 10 or 11. This project has the objective to raise this minimum Java version to Java 11.


Technical Requirements

Raising the stack requires some adjustment in different modules, tools, automated tasks and configuration files, those are explained here.


JavaDoc HTML flag

Since JDK 10, it is necessary to specify the html version that is used to generate the javadoc. There's a check in build.xml to add this flag only when using JDK 9+, because this feature doesn't exist on JDK8. The check can be removed and this flag(-html5) should always be added.

Jasper Reports

Jasper Reports library compiles .jrxml using ECJ(Eclipse's compiler for Java). The maximum version supported in Backoffice seems to be Java 5 with the library jasperreports version 6.0, because this is the default properties and there's no property file modifying them. That means, Lambdas(from Java 8) and any new Language feature added after Java 5 are not supported without a properties file.


Backoffice Test

Mobile Test


Backoffice API, Mobile API and related tools

Remove libraries colliding with JDK

Hardware Manager

It supports Java 8 right now, and it should be consistent with the raise in stack done in this project.

Eclipse Warnings

This is a job that is executed in CI to check the possible warnings/errors thrown by the ECJ(Eclipse's compiler for Java).

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