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Projects:Re-enter password/Functional Specification


Re-enter password - Functional Specifications



The purpose of this project is to provide the functionality of confirming password during user creation. This would help to avoid mistakes in password assignment.


The following elements are part of this project:

General Setup || Security || User || User

Functional Requirements

User roles & profiles

Generic Employee

       He will log onto the system. He fills out his information, creates a new
user and chooses a password for the user he just created. In the pop up, he
enters both password and re-type password to finally complete his new user
creation. Next time, he can log onto the system as the user he created.

Business process definition

General Setup || Security || User || User

1. Creates a new user

2. Allows you to assign password to the "user" you are creating in a new pop-up window

User stories

Mark, a manager in a company that has recently installed OpenBravo ERP Systems, logs on to the system. He logins through the standard username and password “Openbravo” and “openbravo” respectively. After that, he goes to “General Setup || Security || User || User” window and starts filling out his information. After that, he clicks on the icon placed next to Password field. A new pop up window appears (Encryptedbuttons.html). He then enters password in two fields namely Password and Re-Type Password. If he has entered same in both fields, a new user is created for him and a message is displayed. If not, an error message is displayed on the same window. And Mark has to enter both fields again.

Functional requirements based on business processes

To achieve the desired functionalities the following elements needs to be added.

Num Requirement Importance Status
1.1 The password window, that pops up in General Setup >> Security >> User >> User, must have a "Re-type Password" field. Must have Not started

Num Requirement Importance Status
2.1 A standard error message should be displayed in case both fields are not same Must have Not started

User Interface Mockups

A new field to re-enter user password


Error message when both password fields mismatch


Technical Requirements

Application Dictionary elements as well as all type of files involved in Model - View - Controller (MVC) stucture (*.html, *.xml, *.java and *.xsql files) will have to be modified.

Open Discussion Items

Closed Discussion Items

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