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Projects:Read Only Pool/QA

Automatic Tests

As part of the project, some new JUnit tests has been added within the DalTest class which takes care of testing different parts of the Dal API.

These new tests are intended mainly to check:

Manual Tests

The report generation has been checked, having the read-only pool both configured and not configured:

Besides, the following tests have been created in TestLink:

Performance Tests

The changes introduced in this project must be transparent in terms of performance, indeed, when the read-only pool is not configured, the standard pool will be the only pool that will be used. So in this case the behavior in the management of the database connections is not being changed. In addition, the usage of the read-only pool is relieving the load in the main database, as reports will be generated against the secondary database.

Along the testing phase of this project, it has also been verified that no connection leaks are created on report generation by monitoring the PostgreSQL statistics collector.

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