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Projects:Read Only Pool Manual Reports



This project aims to adapt read only connection provider for the compatible reports that provide their own datasource (not using a query in jrxml template).

Bulbgraph.png   This feature is available starting from 3.0PR17Q4.
Bulbgraph.png   Make sure that read only database in the read only pool configuration is updated as much as possible. User may face problem in getting updated information from read only pool adapted reports depending on synchronization mechanism.

List of read only pool adapted reports

Sr No Report Name Class Name
01 Price List Report
02 Purchase Dimensional Report
03 Goods Receipt Dimensional Report
04 Purchase Invoice Dimensional Report
05 Vendor Invoice Report
06 Expiration Date Report
07 Offers Report
08 Shipper Report
09 Tracebility Report
10 Material Transaction Report
11 Warehouse Control Report
12 Stock Report
13 Valued Stock Report
14 Product Movement Report
15 BOM Production Report
16 Pareto Product Report
17 Sales Dimensional Report
18 Shipments Dimensional Report
19 Discount Invoice Report
20 Sales Order Report
21 Stock for Open Orders
22 Invoiced Sales Order Report
23 Orders Awaiting Invoice Report
24 Delivered Sales Order Report
25 Shipment Report
26 Orders Awaiting Delivery Report
27 Invoice Detail
28 Customer Invoice Report
29 Sales Invoice Dimensional Report
30 Cashflow Forecast Report
31 Receivables Aging Schedule, Payables Aging Schedule,,
32 Payment Report,
33 Create Budget Reports in Excel
34 Not Posted Transaction Report
35 Balance Sheet and P&L Structure
36 Trial Balance Report
37 General Ledger Report
38 Asset report for depreciation schedule
39 Standard Costs Report
40 Production Run Status Report
41 Production Cost Report
42 Pending Work Requirement
43 Project Progress
44 Project Profitability
45 Expense Report
46 Journal Entries Report (when not launched automatically after document post),

List of non-compatible reports

Sr No Report Name Class Name Reason
01 Journal Entries Report (when launched automatically after document post), Immediately launched after record creation
02 Valued Stock Report Legacy Legacy
03 Invoice Tax Report Inactive
04 Export Budget to Excel Print button
05 Sales Invoice Dimensional Report Legacy - Legacy
06 Reconciliation Summary, Reconciliation Details Immediately launched after record creation
07 Service Project Report Inactive
08 Pareto Product Report Legacy Legacy
09 Tax Payment Print button
10 Tax Payment Header Print button
11 Process Plan Print button
12 Business Partner Print button
13 Quality Control Report Print button
14 Quality Control Point Print button
15 Sales Order Returns Dimensional Report, Inactive
16 Total Product Template Report Inactive
17 Invoice Consignment Report Inactive
18 Cashflow Forecast ReportCashflowForecast Inactive, old flow
19 Daily Work Requirements Report Inactive
20 Payment Report Inactive
21 Payment Tracker Inactive
22 Cash Flow Statement Inactive
23 Cash Report Inactive
24 Bank Report Inactive
25 Delivery Note / Shipment Print Unused
26 Warehouse movement Unused
27 Invoice Print Unused
28 Order Print Unused
29 OrderPO Print Unused
30 Promissory Note. Unused
31 Remittance printed Unused
32 Proposal print Jr Unused
33 Settlement printed Unused
34 Sales Order Open Item Inactive
35 Withholding Report Inactive
36 Unused
37 Unused
38 Print Requisition Not Applicable (jrxml query based)


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