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Projects:Reduce Audit Trail Infrastructure Overhead/QA



There are some general improvements that be applied for the Audit Trail infrastructure itself. This new improvements help to reduce the time spent in audit trail. For this reason, the main goal of the QA-Test Plan of this project is to ensure that the new Audit Trail infrastructure reduces as much as can this overall overhead.

Test Plan

Defined in TestLink in Platform > [ATI] Audit Trail Infrastructure. The following scenarios have been tested manually.

Manual Tests

Apart of the manual test defined in test link, several manual test have been done. Some actions have been done before execute a suite of selenium in order to store information. The following steps have been done

The following flows have been covered:

Overhead reduction

The results of this tests can be found here. Besides a brief of this results can be found in this spreadsheet.

A couple of actual customers have been monitored before the project is applied to understand which is the expected reduction:

Code review

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