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Projects:Reference for Product Variants and Characteristics/Technical Documentation



The purpose of this project is to define a new UI Reference to visualize Product Characteristics.


Form view

For each product, characteristics are shown in a new section as new non-editable fields.

Grid view

different characteristics are linked with an “and” between them different values for each characteristic are linked with an “or” between them

Other considerations

Performance evaluation

In order to test the performance of the product characteristics reference the following scenario was created: - 6 different characteristics, 4 of them with 10 values, 1 with 3 and 1 with 2. - High volume of products, from 10.000 to 30.000

The initialization of the product characteristics tree is very fast and it scales very well.

The query done in the m_product table when this filter is used has good performance, it does not use sequential scans. This image shows how this query is structured when products are filtered using two different characteristics:


Executing this query took 151-168 miliseconds for 10.000 products, 153-173 for 20.000 and 156-177 for 30.000. Executing it with ten thousand more new products only takes a few miliseconds more.

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