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Projects:Reinvoice/Functional Specification


Generate sales invoices from re-invooiced invoices


The purpose of this project is to implement a process to generate sales invoices from re-invoicing purchase invoices.


Functional Requirements

Business Process Definition

Purchase Invoice Window

  1. Header Tab
    1. Check Re-invoice to specify if the Invoice is re-invoicing.
    2. Select customer to re-invoice this purchase invoice. You can't save an invoice as re-invoicing if there is no Customer to re-invoice selected
  2. Lines Tab
    1. Check Re-invoice if the line is going to be re-invoiced. When save the line it change the Re-invoice check in the header and forces the user to select a customer.


Re-invoicing header.png

Re-Invoice Process

A process will be created in order to allow the user to add the required filters to launch the sales invoices from the purchase invoices lines to be re-invoiced. This process will be called “Re-invoicing process” and the filters to add will be the following ones:

If no filter is selected, the system will consider all the purchase invoices pending to be re-invoiced.

When the button “Done” is pressed, the system will show the proposal of the sales invoices to be created.


Re invoice process.png

The information of the invoices suggested must be the following one:

The user may select the invoices proposed to be launch and “Create invoices”. The system will create the invoices selected in a complete status.


Create invoices.png

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