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Projects:Reinvoice/Technical Specification



In this document are described all the developments needed to create a massive invoice process to generate sales invoices from re-invoicing purchase invoices.

Module Definition

Process Definition

Two processes have been created:

Re-invoice process

Process definition

Create invoices

Process definition


OB.OBREINV.Process = {

createInvoices: function (params, view) {
  params.action = 'PROCESS';
  params.actionHandler = 'com.openbravo.gps.invoicingprocessbase.process.BaseProcessHandler';
  params.adTabId = '3A35F9481CD14EAC86ACF6C7E756A9A4';
  params.processId = '12FFAFDAF219415B8BD2303C337483D0';
  params.vadidate = function (row) {
    // Blocked invoices cannot be selected
    //if (row.oBSCNTRInvoiceType === 'B') {
      //return OB.I18N.getLabel('OBINBS_BlockedNoPossibleInvoice');
    return false;
  OB.OBINBS.Process.execute(params, view);

The objective of this js is to initialize some parameters that will be used by BaseProcessHandler.

Process parameters

Modified tables and windows

Temporary sales invoice proposal

Add a column in C_INVOICE table:

Add a field linked to the defined column above in Temporary sales invoice proposal window:

Menu entries

Created a menu entry linked to the process Re-invoicing


Java artifacts


Just to register the component ob-reinvoice-multirecordprocess.js.


Data access object to centralize all the DB transactions.


ReInvoiceProcess extends BaseInvoiceProcess and overrides two methods:

Notice that this class is not defined in process definition but in Invoicing configuration window. The reason is that the BaseProcessHandler manages all the requests and execute the instance of the java class of process to be executed, ReinvoiceProcess in this case.

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