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Projects:Remove Unused AD Elements/Functional Specification




This document outlines the requirements to remove unused AD Elements from Openbravo ERP.


The elements to be removed are outlined in the issues listed in the references section below.


Openbravo ERP issues:

Design Considerations





Functional Requirements

User roles & profiles

Business process definition

In order to maintain Openbravo ERP in a clean and concise manner it is necessary to clean deprecated and non-implemented elements from the application.

Deprecated elements should be removed from the application completely, while non-implemented functionality should be hidden by default until such time as it is fully implemented.

User stories

The following table shows a break down of the user stories identified to complete the functional specification within this document.

ref issue title func spec ref description priority dependencies estimate
1 513 AD_ELEMENT.PRINTTEXT never used 1 This field should be removed and tested to ensure that the application still runs as expected. - -
2 595 Resource Assignment field to be removed from SO Lines 1 The field Resource Assignment should be removed from the application and tested to ensure that the application still runs as expected. - -
3 4098 Connection pool button not implemented 2 The Connection Pool button on the Session preferences is not yet implemented and should be hidden. Test that the application still runs as expected. - -
4 4445 Report Rpt_Etiquetas should be removed 1 This report is no longer applicable to the application and should be removed. - -

Functional requirements based on business processes

1. Deprecated Functionality

Elements relating to deprecated functionality should be removed from the application completely. The following should be removed:

Ensure that all related functionality is tested and completes as expected. This should include a full compile.

2. Functionality not yet implemented

All functionality within the application that has not been implemented should be hidden by default until is ready to be implemented. Hiding this functionality should not disable related functionality from working.

Functionality/Elements to be hidden include:

User Interface Mockups

Technical Requirements

Non-Functional Requirements

Open Discussion Items

Closed Discussion Items

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