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Projects:Remove Unused AD Elements/Technical Specification



The goal of this document is to outline the steps to clean deprecated or not yet implemented elements from the application.


Each step of the process will involve the following process:

  1. Temporarily Remove access to the element.
  2. Compile the application - this should be a complete compile to ensure that nothing is broken during the compilation process.
  3. Test the functionality where the element was previously referenced.
  4. If there are no issues then the element should be marked as deprecated and access to the element permanently removed.


Ubiquitous Language

Technical Implementation

513 - AD_ELEMENT.PRINTTEXT never used:

595 - Resource Assignment field to be removed from SO Lines:

4098 - Connection pool button on Session Preferences is not implemented yet so it should be hidden:

4445 - Report Rpt_Etiquetas should be removed:


Appendix A. UML Diagrams

Discussion Points

Q1. Should the elements be completely deleted from the application during 2.50 or should they be marked as deprecated and removed in 2.60? Hi, in my opinion all the elements (reports, columns, fields) should be hidden and mark as deprecated. Then in 2.60 should be removed

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