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Projects:Remove WAD 2.50 Generated Code/Technical Specifications


Currently, build tasks continue working some old 2.50 style generated code. The reason to do so is because there are processes that have not been migrated yet to newer code, they are:

Together with the code to support these processes, it also generates old the code intended to handle the UI for these windows, which in practice is never used. Furthermore, html templates to visualize them are never generated.

This causes the following problems:

Clean up

The generated code will be limited to only the necessary to handle those processes.

Other cases where supposedly windows were shown in 2.50 mode, will be desupported. Note that these cases were already not working:


Checked file size reduction in a clean pi compared with same in PR17Q1, generated code is reduced from 12MB to 4.5MB, saving 7.5MB. More details here.

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