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WAD Hints Generation - Technical Specifications


Change the way process and report types are defined

Reports and processes are defined in the same table: AD_Process. To distinguish among the different types of processes and reports that exists this table has a number of boolean columns, the number of rows means how many of this records are defined in core product:

The problem of this approach is that it's possible to define non-consistent processes (for example a process can be checked as Jasper and external service).

This can be solved in two different manners:

A list of values defines the process type

This would require to create a new processType column for AD_Process table, in this column a different value depending on the process type would be stored. Additionally existent columns would be deprecated.

Add constraints

Database constraints can be added not to allow non-consistent processes.

Menu entries

When a report is assigned to a menu it should not be defined as process but report.

Check the format is correct for parameters before submitting the page

This is applicable for reports and processes. A Javascript validation must be added for fields that must be checked (dates, numbers...) and it would not allow to submit the parameters in case they do not fit the checks.

Move manual reports to application dictionary

The reports that which user interface to request parameters is currently manually coded should be moved to application dictionary.



The steps to do the movement are:

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