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Projects:Report UI Pattern/Functional Specifications


Report UI Pattern - Functional Specifications


There are two ways of defining a report; the first one is using the existing UI pattern for Jasper Reports, this pattern provides a way to define the parameters the Jasper template will receive and generates automatically a user interface for requesting them; the other way is using a generic manual process, in this case it's necessary to manually develop the interface as well as the process (it can be XmlEngine or Jasper).


This project has two purposes:


This project will affect the current report UI pattern as well as the existent manual reports that will be moved to follow the pattern.

Design Considerations


Some manual reports (typically multidimensional analysis reports) use multiple selectors which currently are not defined as search reference, this definition is part of the Selector UI pattern in Application Dictionary project. Thus until that project is completed this kind of reports will not be possible to be redesigned to follow the pattern.


When reports are defined in application dictionary it is only possible to define which are the arguments a Jasper Report will receive to show the information, but it is not possible to define the whole report within application dictionary. Thus the Jasper report template (jrxml file) must be manually maintained.

Functional Requirements

User roles & profiles

this user with some technical skills is the one that is able to define new reports.

Business process definition

The current report UI pattern has 2 detected issues to be fixed:

Functional requirements based on business processes

1st. iteration: enhance Report UI Pattern
Num Requirement Importance Status Estimated time Comments
1.1 Change the way process and report types are defined. Must have To be started 3d
1.2 Check the format is correct for parameters before submitting the page Must have To be started 2d

2nd. iteration: move manual reports to standard
Num Requirement Importance Status Estimated time Comments
2.1 Redefine current reports in application dictionary with the Report pattern Should have To be started 1m

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