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This document contains the design for a reporting solution for Openbravo.

We need to distinguish 3 classes of reports:

1) Pixel perfect documents Example: Invoice, Sales Order, etc. The objective here is to produce a professional looking document in PDF format and to enable end users to easily personalize it.

The approach here is:

2) Transactional listings Example: sales order pending invoicing etc. Just for the sake of clarity, this does not include the dimensional reports.

The approach here is:

3) Business Intelligence Example: dimensional reports, cube analytics, charting. The product should have embedded business intelligence capabilities

The approach here is:

Main requirements

Business Documents

Transactional Reporting

Must have:

Should have:


Business Intelligence

Report Management & Visualization in the Openbravo UI

This section discusses how we can visualize the reporting functionality within the Openbravo UI. The following should be possible:

Report Manager

The report manager will show the current reports (in a grid) available to a user. From here the user can create new reports, delete his own reports and view reports created by others.

Reports are opened in a separate tab, the report editor is shown in a separate tab.

Report Editor UI

The report editor should support the following sections/actions:

  1. Define the main report data: name, type of report
  2. Define the filtering
  3. Select the group by columns
  4. Select the summary columns
  5. Select the display columns
  6. Setting chart options
  7. Setting report access for viewing and editing
  8. Report/scheduling options

These sections can be visualized in one page or in a wizard like approach.

Report Model

A report is stored in its own table with child tables. The following tables are envisioned to support the reporting function:

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