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Search the module Web POS stock validation in the Module Management window (Add Modules tab) in the backoffice. Install it. Note that this is a commercial module.

More info: Module management


Allow Negative Stock

Bulbgraph.png   This feature has been deprecated starting from 3.0PR17Q3

Allow Negative stock to get that Openbravo does not check stock if that is not required. Starting in 3.0PR17Q3 it is managed at Storage Bin Level. More information can be found in the following documentation page

To enable allowance of negative stock, go to the client window and navigate to the tab Client - Information and tick the checkbox Allow Negative Stock.

OBPOSSV allowStocKNegative.png

You can also configure the system to allow negative stock depending on the Store. If you want to enable WEBPOS to allow or not negative stock at Organization level you have to go the window Client - Information and tick the checkbox Manage negative stock at organization level.

Handle stock org level.png

Once you have configured the Client, you are ready to allow or not negative stock at Organization level. Go to Organization - Information window and tick or not the check Allow Negative Stock depending on your needs.

Allow neg stock at org.png

Disable stock validation

For convenience there is a preference (from the versions higher than 1.1.303) to disable stock validation for specific organizations or users. See the screenshot below for the preference definition.

Stock validation preference.png


The module will work in silent mode until the user tries to sell a product with insufficient stock. In this situation - and depending on the configuration of the Allow Negative Stock functionality - a message will appear that prompts the user to choose among two options.

Stock proceed.png


If you want to skip the stock validation for a product, you should unmark the field "Stocked" located in the product tab.

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