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Projects:Retail API/QA

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Automatic Tests

As part of these projects two different tests suites have been developed:

These test suites will be integrated in our CI.

Manual Tests

Every Retail API endpoint has been manually tested using Postman. A collection with all the requests created for the testing can be found here.


An Openbravo instance with the retail API was created to execute performance tests. This instance had:

Export endpoints

For the export endpoints, each endpoint was tested with each of the filters. Whenever possible, the filter parameters were chosen so that a full page of data (with 10k records) would be returned (this was not always possible, because for example we have filtering by ID, and this will always return just one record).

All endpoints returned their data in less than 1 second.

Import endpoints

For the import endpoints, a list of up to 1000 records (depending on each case, highest numbers were used in products, prices and business partners) was produced and imported executing each import endpoint. Then, the import time of the corresponding EDL request was checked.

In all cases, the total import time was less than 2 seconds.

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