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Projects:Retail Cashup Kept Cash Report/Specs



The purpose of this project is to include a new template (shown above) that can be printed optionally along with the Cashup report ticket to show the amount of cash kept to the next day in a terminal or safe box after the Cash Up process.

This should only apply to payment methods labeled as "Cash" and you can choose the payment method to be printed in this report and the number of copies you want.


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In order for a payment method to be shown in the kept cash report, it should have the Print cashup kept amount (seen above) flag active in the Tab Channel - Touchpoint type -> Payment Method. This flag will only be visible for payment methods of type Cash with the Count payment in Cash Up flag activated.

Once you configured your payment methods, you can determine the number of copies to be printed in the report in the Window Channel - Touchpoint type by setting the value of Kept Cash Tickets to be printed on Cashup.

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Bulbgraph.png   This report will only be printed when there's at least one payment method marked to be printed and there is at least one copy of the report to be printed in the Channel - Touchpoint type Window.

Tested scenarios

Ticket Printed after Cash Up

Once the user finishes the Cash Up process and once the Cash Up report is printed, then the kept cash report will be printed as many times as configured. Note that the report will show only the payment methods you set up to be printed here.

Also note that payment methods in different currencies will print the second currency as well. It will behave just as the Cash Up report.

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Count cash on Safe Box

When counting cash from a SafeBox, Payment methods contained in the Safebox will be noted in the report appending the Safe Box Search Key. In this case, doing the normal cashup process will only show the payment methods flagged to be printed in kept cash report that are not in the safebox, and when you count a safebox, then only the contained payment method flagged to be included will be printed in the kept cash report.

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