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Projects:Retail Check Stock Button


In Web POS exists a window to check the stock of a product. When we are adding a product to the current ticket, if the product is checked as "Show stock screen", a window will be shown with the stock information. After adding the product, we also can check the stock of added product clicking the Check Stock button in the EDIT tab.

It is nice to have the ability to check the stock before adding the product to the the ticket but we have to separate this logic from Check Stock button action.

The idea is to show Check Stock button for all products instead of for those which have "Show stock screen" enabled. Show it for all products but take into account that it only make sense for stocked products and with Item as product Type.

Test plan

It is very simple. It just adds a stocked and Item product Type product and checks that the Check Stock button is visible. Then it adds a Service product and checks that the button is NOT visible.

Here you can find the automated test:


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