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Projects:Revisit High Volume Configuration


More and more, OB Commerce is being used in environments with very high volume datasets for transactional and non-transactional data. For these type of environments it is important to use a specific configuration for the standard OB ERP backoffice windows.

This configuration is needed because the default window configuration focuses on providing all the available sorting & filtering functionality. However in high volume dataset environments performance is more critical than having all the possibility to filter/sort on all columns.

Next to window configuration another topic which needs to be covered is: checking and updating/adding indexes.

The proposal is to check for several high volume customers what functional areas (with high volume data) they use and improve those areas first.

This project is a continuation of a project done in 2015 to create a configuration module for high volume environments. The idea is to revisit the topic and consider functional areas of more customers into the analysis.

The results of the previous task are implemented in a module. The proposal is to continue in this same module.

An important topic is to check/facilitate backward compatible usage of this module to 2015Q1 OB Commerce version. If there are blocking compatibility issues then possible a second (backward compatible) version of this module needs to be created.

This project is continued into 2017Q1 release, the idea is to also check the usability of this module for other customers.


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