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The technical documentation of the External Integration Infrastructure project is available here.

High Level Class Overview by Package


For this project only the EDL classes related with import had to be customized. Those related with export are reused from the External Integration Infrastructure project.

These are the classes customized in the SAP ECC Integration module:

Sap cd edl.png


The classes in this package and its debug, ftp and jco packages are in charge of the communication with the SAP ECC server.

Sap cd communication.png

The following classes manage the reception of incoming data from SAP through JCo:

Sap sc communication jco.png


This package contains utility classes related with iDocs that do not fit in other packages:

Sap cd idoc.png


The SAP ECC Integration module uses the Freemarker template engine to create iDocs:

Sap cd templates.png


Sap cd process.png

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