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Projects:SAP ECC SOAP Communication/Specifications

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The goal of this project is to create a module that provides the ability of interchanging IDocs between Openbravo and a SAP Server using the SOAP protocol.

Functional Requirements

The main functional requirement is to have the ability of interchanging IDocs with a SAP server using the SOAP protocol.

Technical Specs

Exporting IDocs (Openbravo -> SAP)

For exporting IDocs from Openbravo to a SAP server using SOAP a new IdocSynchronizer will be created. This IdocSynchronizer will create a new instance of a SOAP consumer that will be specified through the Application Dictionary. This configuration will be present in the Communication with SAP ECC Server window.

For the moment, this IdocSynchronizer will not support importing IDocs from SAP into Openbravo. This is because currently there is not a use case where Openbravo starts the communication with SAP for importing IDocs through SOAP.

Importing IDocs (SAP -> Openbravo)

For importing IDocs into Openbravo, a SOAP web service will be exposed by this module. This service should be invoked from the SAP server side.

This web service will receive an IDoc that will be processed asynchronously using the default SAP import process.

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