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Projects:Save on Button/Functional Specifications


Save on Buttons - Functional Specifications


Currently it is necessary to save a record before the execution of any process on it.


The goal of this project is to add the ability of saving automatically the current record when a button is clicked, this would prevent the "do you want to save?" message if the button is clicked but the record was not previously saved.


This project affects all the automatically generated windows that include at least one button.

Functional Requirements

User Stories

Mary needs to edit an invoice draft and complete it.

Functional requirements based on business processes

Requirement Importance Status Estimated time
Define auto-save buttons.

A button can be defined as auto-save. Only for the "auto-save" buttons this feature will be applied, the rest of them will work as they did up to date. This will be defined in the field, making possible the same process to have different behaviour in different tabs.

Must have Complete 2h
Take into account "auto-save" processes when their buttons are clicked. In this case the message asking to save data should not be shown, the current record should be automatically saved and the process called. Must have Complete 2d
Decide which processes (or which processes in which tabs) should be autosaveable and update their associated fields. Should have To be started 1d

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