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The goal of this development is to allow the user to save the layout of a window (grid, form, child tabs) using a specific name and later retrieve this layout through a pull down menu.

An administrator should be able to save pre-defined views on different levels (client, org, role) which are made available to users. Users can only edit/save views on their own levels and not change administrator entered views.

Feature overview

The view saving will not include the following:

When an administrator saves/creates new views then they are not available for a user until he/she re-logins or refreshes the browser.

Users & use cases

There are 2 types of users which have almost the same usage pattern: end user and administrator.

A user enters the application and opens a window. He/she can then change the form layout using the form personalizer/layouter, hide/show columns in the grid, add/remove formula and summary columns. The user can enter filter criteria.

Then when the user is satisfied with the changes he/she can save the view. There is a specific toolbar button for saving views.

SaveNamedViews Example.png

For an administrator the same popup is shown but showing two combos (the same as for widget administration), one to choose the level of saving the view (client, org, role) and one to choose a value for that level).


Technical specification

Summary of changes:

User experience design

See screenshot above.


Will be delivered for MP4.



This feature development is tracked using the following issue(s):


See the changesets in the issue above.


The following page will be updated/extended: Window_Personalization.


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