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Projects:Secure Web POS Operation



Functionality to restrict access to the Web POS data stored locally and to execute in browser actions.

It is achieved by two means:

  1. Running Web POS in the Chrome browser in Kiosk Mode that removes possibilities for the user to access some sensitive browser menus like "Cleaning Cache".
  2. Using "Checker" third part software that creates jailed environment in the PC (like in the Internet Cafes) so that users can do only few allowed to them actions.


Chrome Kiosk Mode. How to:

To avoid the access to the chrome/chromium menu you must put the execution of the process in kiosk mode. To do that just call chrome process with the --kiosk option

"%localappdata%\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe " --kiosk "DEFAULT URL"

In this example (Windows 7) you opened a chrome session in full screen that opens your defined URL and avoid the user to access other URL If you want to execute 2 sessions you must create a temporary datastorage in the second launched process

"%localappdata%\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe " --user-data-dir=$(mktemp -d) --kiosk "DEFAULT URL"

Checker Gateway and Server

CheckerATM features

Product Info

Checker is a security application designed for financial self-service networks. It allows you to provide a highly secure environment in automated teller machines and can be managed simply from a centralized location. Checker provides an administration web interface that allows you to perform all of the tasks needed to administer security and monitor the events occurring in the ATMs.

In order to correctly install Checker, you must install the essential components:

Checker Server is a Java application and must be executed in the context of a J2EE application server. It also requires the existence of an Oracle 9i/10g/11g, DB2 UDB 8/9, SQL Server 2005/2008 or MySQL 5 database. This installation guide offers detailed instructions on how to create the data model in Oracle and DB2. Checker Agent is a Windows application which means that the operating system installed in the ATM must be Windows XP or Windows NT 4.


For Checker Server:

For the Gateway:

For Checker Agent, the ATM requirements are:

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