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Projects:Select Tab for Direct Link/Functional Specifications


Sortable Drop Down List - Functional Specifications


Direct navigation is the way to browse directly to a tab from a record that is referencing to another one, thus is possible to navigate to the definition of any referenced element.

To decide which is the tab to navigate to two windows are definable within the table, one for purchase and another one to sales transactions.


The current definition works fine for purchase/sales transactions but is not applicable to more complex logic.

On the other hand, linked items browse is able to apply more complex logic using the where clause defined in the tab, making thus possible to show a tab only in case the current record complains the tab where clause.

The purpose of this project is to make possible direct navigation taking into account the rules defined in the tab.

Functional Requirements

Requirement Importance Status Estimated time Comments
Implement this complex logic in the direct navigation Must have To be started There are some technical issues open to discussion

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