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Projects:Select and Process UI Pattern Generation/Functional Specifications


Select and Process UI Pattern - Functional Specifications


A typical pattern for process in Openbravo ERP consists in a window that allows to select a number of parameters and to pass them to a process, this process returns a message to be shown.

Currently these processes are manually implemented because Openbravo ERP platform does not support this pattern.


The purpose of this project is to allow to define the process type described above within Openbravo ERP application dictionary making possible not to have to implement it as manual code.


The scope of this project is to allow the definition of "Select and Process" objects and its implementation.

There are some projects that will enhance select and process objects such as selectors, grid and processes but their purposes are out of the scope of this project.

Design Considerations



Functional Requirements

User roles & profiles

This type of users have a high level of professional education, have a deep knowledge of the business processes and some basis on programming. They will be able to create or modify "Select and Process" objects and use them.
Final user
The final user will only see small differences (if any) between the current approach and the new one.

Business process definition


Select and process objects are standard java processes which user interface is generated automatically by WAD.

They have a list of parameters and a java process. To define it:


For final users there will not be any difference between using this process and PL processes.

Functional requirements based on business processes

1st. Iteration: Implement Select and Process UI Pattern
Num Requirement Importance Status Estimated time Comments
1.1 Implement the communication between UI and java process Must have To be started  ?? This implementation will depend on the process invokator (for background processes) implementation
1.2 Implement WAD management for this new element Must have To be started 3d This implementation should be very similar to current action buttons
1.3 Add to application dictionary support for pop-up/full-screen view in processes Nice to have To be started 1h
1.4 In case 1.4 is implemented, implement full-screen action buttons. Nice to have (must in case 1.4 is done) To be started 5d

2nd. Iteration: Move current manual process to the new pattern
Num Requirement Importance Status Estimated time Comments
2.1 Move the current manual "select and process" objects to the new pattern and deprecate old processes and classes. Nice to have To be started 2w This iteration should not be accomplished until selectors allow to have similar capacities than current manual processes have

This implementation could be a good candidate not to generate WAD code but to having a generic servlet that composes the UI dynamically and performs the call to the process. Anyway before doing that it would be necessary to choose carefully the framework (JSF...). This also would generate dynamically different windows in case it is pop-up or fullscreen.

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