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Projects:Select and Process UI Pattern Generation/Technical Specifications


Select and Process UI Pattern Generation - Technical Specifications


Java invocation

The way the Java class is invoked and parameters are passed to it will depend on the implementation that is performed for background processes projects.

WAD Implementation

Two possible approaches here.

Static code generation

WAD would compose the code for this processes statically, in the same way now it is done for action buttons.

Dynamic generation

WAD would not generate anything for these objects. A generic servlet would be invoked and depending on the object it would generate the UI. Although this approach would require a higher effort it would be more versatile (no compilation for these objects would be needed).

One of the main problems to follow this approach is that WAD controls are designed to be used statically, they should be redesigned to allow its dynamic usage.

Full screen action buttons

Add a new column to generate the action button user interface in full screen instead of pop-up.

Implement this in WAD: a new template to support this must be added.

Move existent objects to the new pattern

This movement should not be started until the other projects that affect this one are mature enough to represent what currently is done used manual code as select and process objects, specially the selector UI pattern to allow multiple selectors as reference.

The following objects are prone to be implemented as select and process.

Open discussion items

ALO: How should be the behavior in case a button callable from another window is set as full-screen?

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