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Service and Support - Functional Specifications

This document holds the functional requirements and design for the functionality called Service and Support management (SSM) in Openbravo.


In its current state, this document is intended to serve as a base of discussions over the final scope.


Service or Support requests are part of the after-sales process. How service requests are handled, determine in many ways how a customer perceives the friendlyness and efficiency of the store or brand. The sales process itself, including the definition of the product behavior in terms of relation to physical product(s), the pricing and quantity is already being handled in a different project.


The scope of this project is the handling of Service and Support requests. This includes the following:

Process flow

When selling a serial#-controlled item, either via WebPOS or via backoffice sales, the serial# of the picked product is to be entered (scan, manual).

The goods-issue will create an Installed Base (IB) record with the warranty details (product, serial, date, customer, warranty code, etceteras.). This IB record is to be consulted when a Request for Service (RfS) is created and determined if the service is under warranty or if a quotation is to be created, awaiting customer approval.

Goods receipts of a serial#-controlled item will open a window to enter (scan, manual) the received serial#.


Design Considerations



Dependencies should be to Core Module only ( including reservation functions)



Open Discussion Items

Closed Discussion Items

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