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Service and Support Management provides a functionality to the customers who sell and service the products sold. The objective of this new functionality is to provide Openbravo with a functionality to manage, maintain and repair the products sold. Also for the products which are not maintained by the servicing organization. The system will provide the user with an agile tool to manage the repair of one or more products belonging to the same client.


After the module is installed service related fields will be visible in the Work Order window.

SSM WorkOrder.png



Search the module Service and Support Management in the Module Management window (Add Modules tab) in the back office. Install it. Note that this is a commercial module.

More info: Module management

Note: Since this module depends on Maintenance Management Infrastructure, it is mandatory to install Maintenance Management Infrastructure module.

Configuration - Activity 1 - Create Service Warranty

Navigate to Application || Service and Support Management || Service Warranty

Definition: A Service Warranty is a warranty a user defines for the products being sold.

The user can define a warranty which can be associated with the product for the service cycle or life cycle of the product.

SSM ServiceWarranty.png

Configuration - Activity 2 - Associate Service Warranty

Navigate to Application || Master Data Management || Product || Technical Service

The user can associate the Service Warranty defined earlier in this tab.

Note: Only one warranty can be defined for each product.

SSM ProductTechnicalService.png

Configuration - Activity 3 - Setup a Customer Warehouse

A beta product is issued to the customer for testing.
In this case, the product still remains as a part of your stock but at the end of the day, you still want to know where the product resides.
To handle this case, you need to assign a warehouse as a customer warehouse. Once this is done you need to create Storage Bin associated with the customer.

SSM warehouse.png

SSM storagebin.png

Outsourcing Agency

Navigate to Application || Service and Support Management || Outsourcing Agency

Definition: The external agency which can be used to capture and external agency information if the technical service is performed by an external agency.

SSM OutsourcingAgency.png


Once all the configuration is completed, the user can define a Work Order using the Product entity.

This functionality works with or without instantiable attributes within Openbravo.

A user can use the instance attribute to select an already sold product or directly select a product.

OB SSM WO-01.png

To create a new work order related an existing work order

1. Click on the button "Relate Work Order" and

2. Select a product you want the new Work Order to be associated with

3. Click on Done

OB SSM RW-02.png

Once a Goods Shipment is created using an instantiable attribute, a new record is created in a window called "Installed Base Product". This window consolidates the warranty information for each product sold.

OB SSM RW 04.png

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