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Projects:Services can change taxes/Technical Functional Guide



This functionality allows services to modify the taxes of the product that are linked to. This allows to modify taxes calculation of a product depending on a service condition. For example, a new kitchen furniture is sold to a customer, the taxes applied to the furniture might change if the installation of the furniture is also provided by the seller of the furniture.

The modification of taxes might affect the price in case of prices including taxes because the taxes modification will keep the net price fixed, so if the tax rate is different, the gross price will change.

Also, this functionality applies only to Orders. The documents that are created afterwards will take the information from the Order document.


This taxes modification is implemented through a service linked to the product. This service has to be marked as can modify taxes of the products linked to, and the configuration of the products to modify taxes and the new tax to apply must be also specified.

To configure it go to the Product window and create a new service. A service is just a product with the field Product Type set to Service. It has to be activated also the field Linked To Product and the field Modify Tax. When this field is activated, an new tab named Modify taxes categories is visible. In this Tab is defined the configuration of the taxes categories of products this service will modify when linked and the new tax category to apply.


To ease the configuration process two components have been added:

1.- Modify Tax for Product Category (Button): Pick and Execute window to assign the product categories and tax categories in the same action.


2.- Copy Service Modify Tax Configuration (Button): Pick and Execute window where services which modify taxes are displayed. User can select one to many service, and current configuration will be assigned to selected services. Once process have been executed, the old configuration (if exists) will be deleted and new one will be added. This process helps in deploying the same configuration to multiple services.


Point of sales operations

In point of sales the taxes are applied automatically during the operation, so after adding the configured service to a product, the new taxes configuration will be applied if the product fits with the configuration defined.


Before adding the service that modify the taxes.


After adding the service that modify the taxes. Note that the taxes for “Expedition tent 4 season 2 person” has changed and in consequence the price has been reduced according to the reduction of taxes.

Backend operations

As in the point of sales, in the backend taxes are applied automatically during the operation, so after adding the configured service to a product, the new taxes configuration will be applied.


Before adding the service that modify taxes.


After adding the service that modify taxes.

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