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Projects:Show Product Search Key WebPOS/Technical Specification


In this document are described all the developments needed to properly implement the Show Product Search Key WebPOS module.

Module Definition


The module is implemented overwriting the OB.UI.RenderProduct enyo kind. In this file it is changed the content of the topLine component to:

this.$.topLine.setContent(this.model.get('searchkey') + ' - ' + this.model.get('_identifier'));

This kind is originally created in ob-retail-product-browser.js of Mobile Core module. And it is overwritten in the renderproduct.js file of POS Terminal module. Any fix included in these files should be included in the file provided on this module.

From 3.0PR15Q3 release, new functionality is added to be capable of show product's search key in order lines panel too.

As in the previous case, the module is implemented overwriting an enyo kind, OB.UI.RenderOrderLine in this case. The content of the product is changed to:

this.$.product.setContent(this.model.get('product').get('searchkey') + ' - ' + this.model.get('product').get('_identifier'));

In addition, new preferences are created to be capable of show only one of the two functionalities or both. Disabling this preferences causes that only identifier will be shown.

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