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Projects:Split line in WebPOS/Functional Specifications


Split line in WebPOS - Functional Specifications


The aim of the project is to provide a way to split a ticket line in two or more lines in the WebPOS.

When a ticket line is selected on EDIT panel show a button to allow split selected line on two or more lines.


Functional Requirements

In Web POS allow to select a ticket line that has more than one unit and divide it into two or more lines with smaller amounts.

1. In the EDIT panel add a button Split that will visible when the selected line has more than one unit and not is in multi selection mode

2. When button Split is clicked a popup is shown.

Initially it makes an initial proposal to split the line into two lines

Dialog Constraints

When Number of Lines is changed, follow behavior are possible:

1. Line quantities are edited or some line is removed: Lines are append/removed, if added only one line it quantity calculate to fix Difference of zero, it not possible is set to one.

2. While not line quantities are edited or some line is removed, automatically at the bottom panel of a proposal for split lines it is made. For example if change to 4, follow proposal is shown, 4 lines of 2 units each.


This project is implemented in Web POS core modules:

Changes on

A new component OB.UI.EditNumber is added to file: source/component/ob-commonbuttons.js.

Published properties

Changes on org.openbravo.retail.posterminal

Modified files
New files

To implement the show/hide logic for button Split is possible for other modules implement a hook: OBPOS_CheckSplitLine to indicate if Split button is visible or not.

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