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Projects:Split line in WebPOS/User Guide

Show split line dialog

Create or select a ticket line with more than one unit. In EDIT panel in buttons toolbar look for Split button.

Is possible to not show Split button, if services are included for a product or other condition for product are meet, for example: has complementary products.

Splitline 1.png

Split line dialog

Remember it won't possible revert this operation once it has been applied. Split dialog show a line to help on control of split line quantities:

Splitline 2.png

Initially it makes an initial proposal to split the line into two lines, but you change it editing Number of Lines filed. It can change by keyboard or using buttons "-" and "+" to decrease or increase lines respectively

While not line quantities are edited or some line is removed, automatically at the bottom panel of a proposal for split lines it is made. For example if you split a line with 8 units into 4 lines proposal is: 4 lines of 2 units each.

When line quantities are edited or some line is removed, and add a new lines it quantity calculate to fix Difference of zero, it not possible is set to one.

At least split in 2 lines and minimum quantity for each lines is 1.

Suppose we want to split it into 4 lines with quantities: 2, 2, 1 and 4. The sum is greater than 8, so Difference set to -1, the button Apply is disabled and displays a warning message. If you decrement last quantity from 4 to 3 the Apply button is enabled and changes will be done.

Splitline 3.png

Use a button "x" for remove a line. When yo remove a line Number of Lines is adjust automatically.

Split lines

After applying the changes and split lines will be marked in order to function like as products "not grouped". If the product again added to the ticket (through BROWSE or SEARCH) , will be added on a new line, if you add the same product several times it’s accumulate on the new line.


It would order:

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