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Openbravo ERP Standard OFX delivers a simplified importing bank statements that:

Workflow Overview

Users are able to import the bank statements by using the standard ofx module. Standard OFX module will insert the bank statements from the ofx file.

Please refer to the Configuration Manual for guidance on how to configure Openbravo to use Standard OFX.


Importing Bank Statements

Bank will provide the ofx file. Using the ofx file, Customer can import the bank statements. User can navigate the transaction tab from the financial account window. In Transaction tab there is a button Import Bank Statement.

Please find below the screen shot which has "Import Bank Statement" button.


After pressed the button Import Bank Statement, It will open the Import Bank File Pop Up window. There are two input fields are available in the Import Bank File pop up window. The fields are Bank File and File format. User can choose the ofx file using the browse button which is received from the bank. Then user need to provide the file format.List of file formats are available in the file format drop down box. After selecting the StandardOFX file format user can press ok button.


After processing the client request, server will retrieve the banking transactions from the chosen ofx file which made by the customer. The bank transaction statements will be stored in the FIN_BankStatement and FIN_BankStatementLine tables. User can see the sucess message in the transaction screen and user can know how many transactions are stored in the user data base.


The bank statements data available in the Imported Bank Statement tab. User can navigate the Imported Bank Statement tab and user can verify the data.


User can navigate to the Bank Statement Lines tab and user can see the no of statements retrieved from the ofx file.


The Matching Imported Bank Statement will match the Bank statements with openbravo statements.The bank statements are perfectly matching with the openbravo statements is called as strong matching and the statements are highlighted in dark green.The bank statements are not perfectly matching with the openbravo statements is called as weak matching and the statements are highlighted in lighter green.


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