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In this guide is described the new functionality added in core


Stock Reservations are mainly used to ensure the stock availability to deliver a Sales Order. It is also possible to lock stock not related to any sales order to avoid it consumption. There are 2 main types of reservations:

A Reservation must define the product that is desired to be reserved, and additionally can specify the warehouse, storage bin and/or attribute set value to be reserved. The reserved stock can also be allocated or not:

For example a reservation for 10 Bottles of warehouse Main. Any bottle stored in the warehouse Main can be used to fulfill that reservation. The 10 bottles are reserved from the stock of the storage bin One.

If this reservation is not allocated and there is stock of bottles in other storage bins the reservation can be changed at any moment, by other processes or manually.

If the reservation is allocated it won't be possible to update it to reserve bottles of different storage bins

Bulbgraph.png   Note: Reservations are disabled by default. To be able to use them please insert a new Preference using property Enable Stock Reservations with value Y

Sales Order window



Stock Reservation

Sales Order lines can be reserved when the sales order is booked and is pending to deliver.

Fields to be noted:

Manage Reservation pick and execute

Using the Manage Reservation button is possible to open a Pick and Execute window to create and modify reservation for the Sales Order Line. The grid shows all the available stock that can be delivered and the pending to receive purchase orders.


In the grid it is possible to select and set the desired quantity on any available stock. There are validations to avoid setting quantities higher than the available for the specific stock or than the ordered quantity. The Done button will create and process a reservation if none exists with the selected options, note that if the reservation does not exists and the Done button is pressed without selecting any stock or selecting a quantity below the ordered quantity, when the reservation is processed the system will reserve the remaining quantity with the available stock. If a reservation already exists the reserved stock will appear automatically selected and the Done button will update the reservation with the changes done. It is also possible to flag a stock as allocated.

Reserved Stock

Relation of reserved stock and prereserved purchase orders related to the Sales Order Line


For each reserved Sales Order line it is possible to review the reserved stock. It is shown the quantity, storage bin and attribute set value when applies. If there is part of the sales order prereserved it will be also shown the purchase order line. When a prereservation is converted to a reserve it will still have the original Purchase Order Line, but the later will also have a Storage Bin defined. While all prereserved have the Storage Bin blank.

Purchase Order window


Manage Prereservation pick and execute

Using the Manage Prereservation button is possible to open a pick and execute window to manage the Prereservations related to the Purchase Order line. The grid shows all the Sales Orders pending to deliver that could be served by the stock that will be received in the Purchase Order Line. If the Sales Order wasn't previously reserved a new reservation in Draft status is created for it.


Prereserved Qty

Relation of Reservations where the Purchase Order line has been used as prereservation.


When the Purchase Order line has its purchased stock prereserved it is possible to review here the related reservations. When the reservation is for a Sales Order it is also available the Customer.

Goods Receipt window


When the Receipt is in draft status it is possible to manage the prereservations of the receipt Purchase Order by using the Manage Prereservation pick and execute.

This process is the same than the one defined in the Purchase Order window.

Stock Reservation window


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