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Projects:Store Attachments In Azure/QA


Update, add and delete of attachments to and from Azure Blob Storage have been tested manually by configuring the Azure Storage attachment method and using Openbravo ERP standard windows to handle the attachments.

Bulk loading of archives has also been tested by scheduling the Azure Storage Migration process and verifying that all the files are correctly uploaded.


It has been measured the overhead of handling the attachments with Azure Blob Storage. For this measurements it has been tested the time spent to upload, remove and download an attachment of 60 KB.

The following chart shows the average times for each attachment method:

Attachment Method Upload time (ms) Delete time (ms) Download time (ms)
Core 57,2 8,6 6,2
Azure Blob Storage 392 90,9 355,6

The performance of the Migration process has also been tested, in terms of uploading time, by running the process in an Openbravo environment deployed locally, and another deployed on an Azure Instance in the cloud. These are the results:

Environment Uploaded Objects Uploaded Size (GB) Process Duration (minutes)
Local 8680 18,7 3:30:52
Azure Cloud Instance 8680 17.57 0:20:18

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