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Projects:Store Server Continuous Integration Environment



Create a continuous integration job which runs several tests in a multi-server environment with one store server and one central server with symmetric DS enabled/installed for replication.

The proposal:

The store server team will provide the following:

The testcases which are to be implemented can initially cover a basic flow:

The tests should test that the data is created on both servers. In addition test cases should be added to test that messages can be send to/from a store server as is described here

Concrete Approach


  1. Install 2 servers, central and store server, each having core retail and sample data of retail and retail-test
  2. create a new module which contains the multi-server setup (as client data) for the store and central server
  3. add symmetric ds configuration file for the store server/
  4. central server and store server: core retail with retail and retail test sample data and symmetric ds and store server modules
  5. create a module which contains multi-server setup client data, instal on both central and store
  6. adapt test project to be able to define the database information of the central server, add some util methods to connect to the central database easily and execute sql statements there.

Initial testcases:

Open topic:

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