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This design discusses the technical changes needed to allow an application admin to maintain process requests running on store servers in a multi-server environment.

The approach followed in this design is to do the maintenance of store-server process requests from the central server backoffice UI. Re-using and extending the current process request window and tabs.


Preferably all the changes should be implemented in the Store Server Synchronization module.

Any changes in core should be validated with the platform team.

DataModel Changes


The main additions are in the process request window:


New Subtabs in Process Request

This window should have two new subtabs:

The main process request tab should have this button:

The mobile server process requests tab should have the following buttons (logic is described below):

Import All Store Servers

Unschedule on Store Server

Schedule on Store Server

New Read-Only window, Process Requests by Server

Process Request: Update Store Server Process Request Status

A new process request should be implemented:


Web Services

To call a web service on a store server there is an api which can be used.

(Un)Schedule Webservice

This webservice will handle both schedule and unschedule requests. The json it receives should contain the following information:

The webservice should call the quartz scheduler (you can check how the current un-schedule re-schedule works) to perform the action.

The response should be a json with the new status of the process request on that server.

Retrieve Status Webservice

The retrieve status webservice calls the store server to retrieve the current status of the process requests running on the store server. To limit the number of webservice calls it should return the status of all the process requests in one json object. So only one webservice call per store server is needed.

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