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Projects:Support for Commercial Modules/Technical Documentation

Support for CR v2 - Technical Documentation

Commercial Modules Support

A new isCommercial web service is going to be created in CR which will return whether a module is commercial or not. In case the module is commercial it will be checked the instance is a Professional Subscription one and if not the process will be aborted.

High Volume Modules Support

In order to support high volume modules the current getModule web service is not going to be used anymore. This web service obtains a byte[] with the whole obx file and it is processed afterwards. It is going to be replaced by a http/https request that will return an InputStream with the obx, this stream can be processed without need of loading it completely in memory, this causes a high improvement in performance and in memory usage.

The way to do so is using a new CR web service which returns a URL where the module can be downloaded from. A http/https request will be done to that URL to get the input Stream. In case the module is commercial this URL will accept also a identifier for the current instance, to ensure the module is downloaded only in case the instance has a license for that module.

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